MPU-6050 Warm Up and DMP Yaw Drift

The MPU-6050  needs to warm up for 10-15 minutes before the gyro/accelerometer outputs really settle down.  This can be a right pain if you’ve spend time carefully calibrating your EDTracker only for it to drift for 10 minutes when you first plug it in, like this (temperature in red, yaw drift in blue):


The next sketch release will take a ‘no motion’ snapshot when the tracker is first plugged in, recording the initial temperature and yaw drift. It will then interpolate drift compensation between the initial value required and the stored value as the tracker warms up.  So how does it look ? Awesome!


It isn’t perfect as the tracker doesn’t store the temperature at which the main drift compensation was saved. So I’ve estimated 28 degrees in the test sketch which look like it’s a couple of degrees out.  Will need a minor update the the UI to store the drift compensation temperature into EEPROM.

New UI and sketches available …. soon.