EDTracker – Latest 9150 Test Firmware

9150DMPTest4 is now available from the EDTracker UI.  If you have a 9150 based EDTracker (bought or DIY) then feel free to give it a whirl.

This test release contains a bug fix over the previous  version (yaw bounce) as well as some minor tweaks. Thanks to everyone who’s been testing and reporting back.

If you’re new to the 9150 firmware then follow these steps, otherwise jump in at step 8.

1. Download the test version of the UI from


2: load EDTracke2Calib
3: Allow device to warm up
4. Wipe Settings.
5: Calculate Bias Values (manually adjust etc)
6: Load 9150DMPCal   – perform magnetometer calibration as per video  http://youtu.be/-CRCJloZgYQ)
7: After sample count is more than 500 click “Save”  and take a screenshot (useful for confirming correct mag calibration)
8: With the tracker flat and stationary, load 9150DMPTest4
9: Keep the tracker still for 20 seconds. It’s performing a start-up calibration every time it’s plugged in.
The UI will not update until calibration is completed (LED also flashes fast then slow once done)
The button on the tracker now performs a FULL 20 second calibration. View reset must now be done with a HotKey.
This firmware requires the orientation to be TOP/USB Left.
The magnetometer is very sensitive to metal and magnets.
Nearby smartphones, screwdrivers, guitars can all effect the accuracy and response.
I’m working on productionising the 9150 sketch and UI changes this week. The firmware will support all top mounted orientation but not side mounted. WIll upload source to github then.
Ta ta