EDTracker Plus – Extra DOF with a webcam

ADDENDUM 23/02/2016 : new EDTracker UI (Pro version) now available. This now has a tab called “Webcam”  where you set up face tracking and used an alternative webcam library which appears to be more stable/faster.

EDTracker Pro UI

ADDENDUM: You’ll need to install some Microsoft libraries to get this working. Grab them directly from Microsoft here  (download and run   vc_redist.x86.exe  )


ADDENDUM: EDTracker UI (DIY version) now available here : 

EDTracker UI “DIY” Version

EDTracker gives you fast,low latency, high accuracy head tracking (roll/pitch/yaw) without the need for webcams and LEDS.  And that’s great for a large number of folks but there are sims out there were the ability to lean forward or sideways in a cockpit is useful, for example leaning forward to get a better view when pulling out from a junction in American Truck Simulator.

To evaluate the usefulness of this feature I’ve added an experimental option to the EDTracker Pro UI which enables face position tracking with a webcam. No special hat, clips or LEDS are needed. And since we’re just capturing head position rather than orientation it doesn’t have to be fast or super accurate.  It may not work for everyone (webcams can be a pain!) but it’s a nice option to have.

A test version of the UI can be grabbed from here ;   EDTracker Pro Plus Test

(I will be updating the DIY version of the UI over the next few days to add the same feature).

The UI outputs roll/pitch/yaw from the EDTracker combined with x/y/z position from the Webcam. You will need to download the excellent Opentrack utility which enables this data to be sent directly into supported games.  See Opentrack Downloads

How to Use it

Note, The UI talks to Opentrack using UDP protocol. You may be asked by Windows to allow the applications through the Windows firewall. Please say ‘yes’ 🙂

  • Download and run the test EDTracker UI:  EDTracker Pro Plus Test
  • Place the UI in Dev mode by selecting About -> Mode -> Dev.
  • Select a webcam from the drop down list and check ‘Enable Face Tracking’.




  • Download and run Opentrack; OpenTrack Downloads
  • Set the Tracker to “UDP Sender” and the Protocol to “Freetrack 2.0 Enhanced”.



  • Click the […] options button next to “UDP Sender” and set the port number to 5550



  • Click the Options button in the lower right hand side.
  • Ensure “Center at startup” is NOT checked.


In the option dialog tab across to Output.

If you find the head orientation or position works the wrong way round in-game, you can easily flip the output here by clicking “Invert”.  E.g if when looking up the in-game view look down, simply enable Invert on Pitch.

  • Set the Roll Source to Disabled unless you have the screen attached to your face.


N.B   X is side to side motion. Y is Up/Down and Z is forwards/backwards.


You can save these settings as a profile by clicking [Save…] on the main Opentrack windows.

  • Keeping the  EDTracker UI  on screen Click START in OpenTrack.

You should see the Raw Tracker Data and Game Data values change when you move. Also the pink octopus will move too.

N.B Do NOT minimise the EDTracker UI during gameplay  – this will stop it tracking your head.

When you recenter the EDTracker via the UI/Hotkey/Joystick button is will recenter you head position as well.

Happy Tracking!







EDTracker DIY and Arduino IDE 167

One of the EDTracker dudes (Brumster) has sorted out the custom hardware files and sketches for the latest Arduino IDE (1.6.7) :


Brumster has also updated the firmware to be compatible with the latest MPU-9250 (since the 9150 is becoming hard to source).

There are some exciting developments coming along, including a port to fast, fixed-point maths which reduces the already low latency even further.