EDTracker Pro Beta Firmware – Pick Up And Play

New beta firmware here (EDTracker Pro Only):


Unzip and follow enclosed instructions.

This release of the Pro firmware is aiming for a more ‘Pick Up And Play’ experience, reducing the need to run the auto-bias before starting a gaming session and the need to recenter the view. This release is also more resilient to magnetometer calibration issues.

The key to solid, drift-free view tracking is good magnetometer calibration and a stable magnetic environment. The vast majority of EDTracker Pro users have no problems but for a small number getting a good mag calibration can be a challenge. This can be down the construction of the headset, changes in environment (e.g. headset mic changing position)  or just user error (e.g. calibrating in one place and using in another). This beta firmware is less effected by mag calibration issues.



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